Vinifera Georgia-Where Georgian Winemaking Traditions Flourish

In the heartland of Georgia, a land steeped in rich winemaking traditions, the remarkable story of Vinifera Georgia unfolds. The winery’s tale is intricately woven with threads of family heritage, resilience, and an unwavering dedication to crafting extraordinary wines.


The journey traces its roots back through generations, inspired by the indomitable spirit of Naskida, the great grandfather. Naskida, a prosperous peasant, tragically fell victim to the 1936-1938 Great Purge, also known as the Kulak (Gulag) Operation, carried out by the Soviet Union. However, even amidst the adversity, Naskida’s spirit endured, passing down the cherished Georgian winemaking traditions and the cultural heritage of Zedashe to future generations. His name and legacy became forever entwined with the tapestry of the family.

Fueled by a deep love for these natural, native wines, Vinifera Georgia was officially established as a winery in the picturesque village of Tsinandali, Kakheti, in 2019. The primary aim was to pay homage to the invaluable heritage while simultaneously sharing the exquisite artistry of Georgian winemaking with the world.


Throughout history, Georgia has stood as a testament to the strength and resilience of a sovereign nation. Despite enduring the trials inflicted by the Ottoman Empire, the challenges posed by the Russian Empire, and the shadow of Communism, Georgia’s winemaking tradition remained unwavering—a steadfast symbol of endurance and determination.


We invite you to experience the true spirit of Georgia with every sip of Vinifera Georgia’s wines. Join in the joyous celebration of the captivating beauty of Georgian winemaking, allowing its time-honored traditions, captivating flavors, and profound cultural significance to resonate with wine enthusiasts around the world.