Georgian Qvevri wine

Vinifera Georgia is a family owned company which has a long winemaking tradition. However, the company, as a winery was established in 2020 in a village Tsinandali. The idea was motivated by the love of natural native wines passing down from generation to generation.

Vineyard of the company is located in Tibaani-one of the most popular appellation of Georgia and only the natural vineyard treatments are used to prevent mildew or disease.
The wine is made by the ancient Georgian traditional Qvevri wine making method, without filtration, sulfur or other chemical additives are never used. Making wine in contact with the skin for months gives it a tannic characteristic and the flavors of almond, walnut, and dried fruit.

Our Main mission is protecting the country’s appellations and native wines.

The man featured on our labels

Best Georgian WIne


The man featured on the label is the ancestor of the trademark founding family. As a wealthy peasant he was a victim of a 1936-1938 Great Purge, also known as Kulak (Gulag) Operation. His name is eternized and his legacy is passed through traditions from generation to generation.